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Limitless Writers Presale

Charlie Becker
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As a Limitless Writer, you can --

  • Beat writer’s block: Find inspiration anywhere and have something to do every time you show up to a blank page. 
  • Self-edit effectively: Take a pile of words in a shitty first draft and make it clear, stylish, and personal.
  • Generate infinite ideas: Analyze other writers’ work and craft thoughtful, personal responses. The only limit to what you can write about is what you can read.
  • Gauge their progress as a writer: Shorten the feedback loop between shitty first draft and great final draft. Map your mistakes and deliberately improve your craft.
  • Get pointed feedback from editors: Create a series of hypothesis statements for editors. Get targeted, relevant feedback even from an unfamiliar editor.

My Story

A year ago I took an online writing course and it changed my life. I went from a lifetime of aspiring to write to publishing high-quality essays almost every week.

But then I hit a wall. 

Without dedicated editors and the support of the course community, I wasn't able to keep up my publishing cadence or quality. I “ran out” of things to write about. Once the course structure melted away, I reverted back to my old problems because while I'd built a writing habit, I still had glaring deficiencies in my writing process. 

I felt discouraged that all my hard work in the course seemed to go to waste. I felt frustrated and I often found myself wondering, “where’s the Online Writing 201 course?”

Until one day a friend recommended I reverse outline one of my essays. 

Reverse outlining is an editing technique that breaks a piece of writing down to its component parts and examines those parts’ relationship to each other. I had made many reverse outlines before, but this time one was different. 

I realized that with a few minor tweaks, reverse outlining became a range of powerful, flexible techniques any writer could use to unlock limitless improvement: They could find their unique voice, consistently improve as a writer, and say goodbye to writer’s block forever. 

I’ve turned these techniques into a cohort-based course called Limitless Writers. 

The course launches in March 2023. In four sessions over two weeks, I will share how these simple techniques can make you a Limitless Writer. When finished you will be able to: 

  1. Beat writer’s block.
  2. Self-edit effectively. 
  3. Generate infinite ideas. 
  4. Gauge your progress as a writer. 
  5. Get pointed feedback from editors. 

Each session will be a mix of short lessons, hands-on activities, and group discussions. You get the following:

  • Four Live Classes on Zoom
  • Two Optional Office Hours on Zoom
  • An Overview of the Reverse Outlining Framework

Plus you will write two new essays. On each, you will get individualized feedback. 

If you register now, the cost is $149

Next cohort will be in May 2023.

Secure your spot now or email me with any questions. 

Testimonials for my Teaching

I was also selected to be a mentor in Write of Passage, and here is some of the feedback I received for that work:

“I loved today’s session. Your personality truly brought the lessons to life. Also it was like a journey. I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen next it really kept me paying attention & engaged. I actually ended upstaying past another appointment accidentally beacuse I was so engaged.”
- Sarah Kirley 

As someone obsessed with writing craft, I will forever be in line for any opportunity to learn it from Charlie. His sessions were BY FAR my favorite: a unique blend of practical, hands-on workshops done in fun, imaginative ways. His energy, writing skills, and firm grasp on technique make him an incredible teacher, and I cannot recommend him enough!!” 
- Grace Sydney Smith

Testimonials on My Writing

I have been writing fiction, essays, and book reviews at Castles in the Sky for the last year. This is what some readers have had to say. 

Charlie Becker is one to watch. I've never met Charlie in person but I'm pretty sure he's a weirdo. I’m not sure how else you get this mix of humor, insightfulness, and originality. His writing strikes a wonderful balance of ideas I haven't encountered, connections I wouldn’t have made, and vulnerability I admire.
-Cam Houser

"Warm, emotionally descriptive, and evocative, Charlie Becker is a master storyteller. His writing connects his keen sense of observation and his ability to capture emotion, drawing the reader into invisible worlds and ideas that would otherwise go unnoticed in the busyness of everyday life."
-Akiko Mega 

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